Ruby Gilgamesh Quadruple Torch Lighter & Stand


This Gilgamesh x El Septimo Quadruple Torch Lighter is a limited edition lighter that pays homage to El Septimo’s latest collection of cigars, The Gilgamesh Collection, based off of the mythology of the Assyrian King Gilgamesh. Hand-crafted with an exquisite craftsmanship, this lighter offers a quadruple torch with four flames that comes in a beautiful El Septimo gift box with a fitted foam lining.

The windproof gas lighter is made of metal and is refillable through the bottom inflation device, as the transparent observation port allows customers to easily observe gas usage and levels at any given time The ergonomic grip offers smooth sides that comfortably fit the hand, making the lighter easy to carry, as the blue flame burst offers a modern quartz control electric ignition system that allows the flame to spray strong, at a high temperature, and in a concentrated fashion. This lighter even doubles as a cigar stand, as cigars can be placed on top of the lighter in between puffs.

Dimensions: 86 x 46 x 30 mm


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