Ruby Red 4 in 1 Puncher Stick


Due to the fact that El Septimo Cigars are blended from various tobacco leaves that are 100% long-filler and aged between 5 & 15 years, creating more complex flavors and aromas, it is recommended to punch, rather than cut, any cigar with a 60 ring gauge or higher… and this 4-in-1 puncher stick is the perfect instrument to do just that! This metal tool is the perfect solution to get that perfect draw out of your cigar and comes in five sporty colors to match your favorite El Septimo blends and accessories.

The long pen-shaped pokey fits easily into any pocket or jacket and features two cigar punchers, one for larger ring sizes and one for regular ring sizes, and a cigar needle draw tool that allows you to adjust the airflow between the cigar’s tobacco leaves for a better draw. The two-pronged roach clip allows you to finish your cigar all the way through, without burning your fingers once you get down to the nub.

Simply twist the punch to unscrew and access the tools.

Dimensions: 145 x 16 mm.


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