X-Trem Shot

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Though atypical from the world of cigar smokers, this little cigar gives a moment of intense pleasure. Flavors and immediate strength are its main characteristics, as it must be hand-lit with precaution. A great cigar to be paired with your morning espresso for a 20 minute energizer boost to get through the day.

Cigar Stick
Box of 25
  • Aroma:
  • Strength:

Length: 2 inches
Ring: 56 Ø
Collection: Luxus Collection
Wrapper: Oily & Dark
Product of Costa Rica

1 review for X-Trem Shot

  1. Anthony Post

    X-Trem Shot is a perfect name for this cigar! A cool concept of a 20 minute cigar when you are short on time. Be careful when taking too many draws to quickly, this little guy is stronger than he looks.

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