Aqua Anu

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Cloaked in a beautifully constructed dark and oily Maduro wrapper, this blend takes on a rich, gingerbread hue. The draw is rife with a rich bread crust, followed by a leathery core and creamy mélange of brown sugar. As the cigar finishes, textures become chewy and any presence of a light spice dissipates into notes of toasted cashews, light cream, and cocoa, while maintaining plush and velvety smooth throughout its transitions.

Cigar Stick
Box of 10
  • Aroma:
  • Strength:

Length: 6 inches
Ring: 50 Ø
Collection: Gilgamesh Collection
Wrapper: Oily and Dark
Product of Costa Rica

1 review for Aqua Anu

  1. AYounan

    Love the Gilgamesh Collection! Such a beautiful meaning behind the new cigar collection with the Assyrian mythology. Love that the brand is always thinking of new ideas that break away form the norm that most cigar companies follow. And such a delicious cigar might I add! White pepper spices with light coffee cream notes…mhm mhm mhm DELICIOUS!

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