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This medium strength cigar has a slightly bigger ring gauge, making it the perfect slow-burn with an even draw. With a delicious blend of chocolate and nutmeg instantly filling the mouth, a light sweetness holds a middle position. The second and final thirds of the smoke bring a strong flavor of dark-roasted coffee and a dull, chocolatey sweetness. All-in-all, customers describe this cigar as having the ultimate buttery texture, paired with pleasing, but contrasting musky spices.

Cigar Stick
Box of 10
  • Aroma:
  • Strength:

Length: 5 inches
Ring: 58 Ø
Collection: Alexandra Collection
Wrapper: Oily & Dark
Product of Costa Rica

1 review for Marilyn

  1. michaelgreenberg

    Amazing cigar and so worth the price. I buy a box of 10 every 2 weeks and my wife and I both enjoy smoking the Marilyn together! It really has delicious flavors of nutmeg and coffee. I’ve been trying to get my wife to smoke cigars with me and nothing fits her preference, but finally she is hooked and will only smoke the El Septimo Marilyn. It has the perfect flavors and aromas, the right amount of strength, not too mild, and comes in 2 days in such beautiful packaging. Highly recommend.

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