Fabuloso Dark Ruby

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Endowed with an impressive 70’ ring, this thick beauty is the standard for elegance and beauty, representing the jewel of the Diamond Collection’s range. This “Big Boy” cigar offers a perfect 3-hour smoke with sublime aromas of roasted almonds, honey, white chocolate, and vanilla. A light spice surfaces late, and a savory oatmeal essence on the draw becomes more noticeable. Transitions are highlighted by an increase in spice amid notes of cherry, nougat and sherry.

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Length: 6 1/4 inches
Ring: 70 Ø
Collection: Diamond Collection
Wrapper: Oily & Dark
Product of Costa Rica

3 reviews for Fabuloso Dark Ruby

  1. Anthony Post

    This 68 gauge monster was an experience I will never forget! Biggest gauge cigar I have ever tried, literally took me almost 2 hours to finish!

  2. iainmacb

    I loved the color
    The oily feel and it’s an early morning smoke for me with a strong espresso
    It’s hard to smoke other brands after the Septimo

  3. nevets090

    The wrapper is lush, velvety and oily in character, letting you know this cigar is a high quality product
    The aroma from the wrapper is leather, earth and from the foot, notes of chocolate.
    Lighting the cigar ignites a chocolate pretzel flavor with spice, earth and leather.
    The retrohale is smooth with leather and black pepper that crescendos as it leaves your nostrils. There is a nutty nuance on the retrohale that adds a pleasant balance to the other flavors. As the first third progresses a creaminess develops with accents of cedar and an uptick of earth.
    Toward the end of the first third another shift occurs as the retrohale changes drastically to vanilla and white chocolate with a smooth creamy finish. The body shifts to a more prominent cedar and leather profile with a subtle sweetness.
    The second third sees a smoky woodsy note with cherry and spice on the body and the retrohale becomes spices, cedar and a progresse increase of black pepper. As the second third progresses there are only minor changes with intensity slowly diminishing, but still delivering plenty of flavors.
    The final third becomes toasty and settles in mellow territory. The cedar and leather are still the dominant flavors but are not as bold as they used to be with. The retrohale is nutty with subtle black pepper. Charred wood returns on the body and completes this extraordinary cigar!
    This smoking experience is akin to getting a massage for your palate, the strength and flavors work you into relaxation and leave you feeling relaxed and at ease. The burn was fantastic and did not require any touch ups, the smoke output was high and the flavors yet again only settled on the tongue.

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