Double Shot White

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Short & imposing, this litter monster is the younger brother of the Fabuloso, characterized for having direct aromas and strength from the initial light-up. With a shiny and greasy wrapper, this cigar arouses the taste buds and provokes desire. The powerful strength and rich, creamy smoke provide opulent aromas of leather, roasted walnuts, and caramel. For connoisseurs of large cigars.

Cigar Stick
Box of 10
Box of 25
  • Aroma:
  • Strength:

Length: 3 3/4 inches
Ring: 68 Ø
Collection: Diamond Collection
Wrapper: Oily & Dark
Product of Costa Rica

2 reviews for Double Shot White

  1. AYounan

    If I had to pick one El Septimo Cigar to smoke for the rest of my life…it would be this cigar right here! If you love fuller-bodied cigars and bigger gauged cigars, this is the one to smoke. The perfect amount of strength where it knocks you right out afterwards, all while maintaining delicious flavors. I love bigger gauged cigars because it’s nice to wrap your mouth around, and I’ve noticed they just have much more complex and delicious flavors due to using 100% long-filler tobacco. The only thing I recommend is that you punch the cigar rather than cut due to its gauge size! Anyways – Beautiful packaging and arrived in jut 2 day, highly recommend.

  2. jpierre1973

    Ce cigare est délicieux. J’en ai un tous les soirs avant de dormir. Emballage sombre et huileux et un bel arôme aux saveurs délicieuses.

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