Sampler Packs

New to El Septimo and don't know where to begin with such a large selection of over 40 blends?

Choose from our selection of expert recommended sampler packs and explore your seventh sense!

The Diamond Collection

Offering cigar aficionados the quintessential range of flavors, The Diamond Collection is blended from a selection of the highest quality tobaccos, aged up to 15 years, and rolled with five fillers. This is why cigars in this Collection range at slightly larger ring gauges, because cigars are packed with more tobacco, hence offering more complex flavors.

The perfection of this Collection lies in the rigorous selection of its wrappers: shiny, dark & stain-free. Slender & long cigars boast an impressive cut with a tightened quality, prolonging the creamy smoke. Medium & full-bodied cigars have an intense leather aroma with a balanced strength, offering a premium range as our standard. Cigars are smooth & rich, boasting a range of flavors from a sweet marzipan vanilla blend to a bitter roast of walnuts.

The Luxus Collection

Known for its wide range of different sizes and blends, The Luxus Collection consists of nine tobacco lines aged for 10 years, and matured for a year or less. This Collection includes some of El Septimo’s best sellers and the world’s most-known brands, as we can guarantee that you have never seen cigars like these before.

Cigars range from 2-inch 20-minute smokes, to tiny Torpedos and even baby cigarillos. But, one thing remains the same: All of the cigars part of the line possess refined aromas, velvety smokes, and are known for their oily and supple dark wrappers. Draws are full & generous with easy & gentle light-ups, as even the fuller-bodied lines gain savor & depth over time. In short, these are sportier cigars for experienced enthusiasts!

The Travel Time Collection

The Travel Time Collection features the Paris and New York Cigars, giving tribute to the most famous cities in the world.

Cigars are blended with 7 year aged tobacco and are wrapped in dark Maduros & oily capes, and are blended with a complex balance of tobacco. Medium-bodied cigars consist of short-filler leaves & undergo a lengthy process that darkens and flavors the leaf. This long fermentation process allows the wrappers to achieve an intense color & flavor, resulting in a soft and light sweetness, with a woody fragrance & spicy taste. Cigars maintain an unblemished cover quality over years of aging.

The Alexandra Collection

One of El Septimo’s newer lines that has gained worldwide media coverage, The Alexandra Collection consists of two lines of cigars, designed and blended with 10 year aged tobacco, exclusively for women.

After intensive market research done on a large focus group of over 200 women found that women possess 43% more cells and 50% more neurons than men in the olfactory centers of the brain, El Septimo created the perfect blends that match that exact “pleasure” level on each and every characteristic of the cigars, for women smokers. Because the lightest leaf from each vintage is chosen, this Collection offers light to mild cigars, with experiences that change in flavors from woody with a distinct oaky & tea blend, to a mild caramel sweetness. Although exclusively designed for women, The Alexandra Collection can be enjoyed by all who are passionate for fine cigars.

The Gilgamesh Collection

The Gilgamesh Collection is El Septimo’s latest addition, and offers the first 50 gauge cigars part of the brand.

Symbolizing one of the oldest stories written into existence based on the historical records of Assyrian King Gilgamesh, this collection provides a unique tasting experience while focusing on the strength, flavor, aroma, and combustion of the cigar. Offering both medium bodied and full bodied cigars, these cigars’ burns last for a long period of time, while possessing a milder light-up than the traditional El Septimo Cigar, resulting in a gradual pace with the perfect balance between thickness and length.

The Sacred Arts Collection

Now the world can smoke an El Septimo Cigar designed and dedicated for each day of the week. Each cigar is dedicated to a famous painter who has created some of the world's most famous pieces of artwork. Medium-bodied cigars come in more traditional sizes, including the Toro, Robusto, Lancero, Torpedo, Eagle, Salomon, and even the Royal Salomon. Cigars are aged for ten years, and we've even introduced a Sampler Box for you, so that you can try all seven blends at once!
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