El Septimo's triple and quadruple torch cigar lighters are perfect for every cigar aficionado. Offering different hand-crafted designs, El Septimo allows the customer to choose between sporty quadruple torch lighters with an adjustable flame & stand, as well as an ergonomic grip design perfect for one-handed use, or a sleek and classic double-jet torch lighter & cigar puncher with an ultra-high temperature blue flame and a retro-ignition lighter flint to easily replace flint.

Limited Edition Lighters

These 18k El Septimo Limited Edition Lighters come in three colors and are ornately decorated with Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire precious stones. Lighters come in a beautiful crocodile travel case decorated with gold hardware and embellishments and a certificate of authentication (1 out of 100), making this the perfect collector's piece for any luxury collection. 

Cigar Cutters

Make a statement with an elegant pair of double-bladed cutters. With self-sharpening blades that cut cigars clean and with precision, these El Septimo cutters are hand-made to be functional, practical and stylish, and are the perfect tools to prepare cigars with a 60 ring gauge or lower for smoking. Take your pick from a wide array of luxurious colors, which include gold/silver, rose gold and rose gold/black, or stick with the classic El Septimo matte black design!


El Septimo offers marble and acrylic humidors, in addition to its line of 100% pure stone humidors part of its Presidential Collection. Humidors range in sizes and can fit from 50 to 60 cigars, depending on the sizes cigars, and offer removable trays that make organizing easy.  All humidors are hand-made with Spanish Cedar interiors and offer a unique hygrometer and humidification system, allowing for your cigars to maintain at the optimal humidity and temperature levels at all times.

Travel Cases

These El Septimo travel humidors provide a premium aluminum metal and sporty gloss finish for excellent aroma and moisture retention. With a built-in humidifier and hygrometer, these travel cases make storing your cigars at the right temperature easy - simply unscrew the lid and add distilled water. The beautiful packaging holds various sizes of cigars and comes in both small and large sizes, making it the perfect accessory to store and protect your cigars, at home or on-the-go.


With two out of four designs already released from its Limited Edition Safari Ashtray Collection, shop from El Septimo's handmade ceramic rectangular ashtrays. The stylish designs are abstract, but elegant, and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These ashtrays offer a convenient two-slot design, allowing you to comfortably and cleanly rest your cigar without damaging it or putting it out. Ashtrays are both corrosion and water-resistant, offering easy-cleaning and environmental protection with a highlight quality temperament, making this the perfect collector's pieces that doubles as an addition to your home, office, or garden!   


Due to the fact that El Septimo Cigars are blended from various 100% long-filler tobacco leaves aged for various years, it is recommended to punch, rather than cut, any cigar with a 60 ring gauge or higher. El Septimo offers standard single and double punchers, as well as metal 4-in-1 puncher sticks that easily fit into your jacket or pocket so that you can get the perfect draw out of your larger guaged cigar while at home or out and about! These lightweight, sporty design stands up to elements and have a screw design that incorporates an ejector rod to easily remove the cigar leaf. 


Are you an El Septimo super fan that can't get enough of El Septimo's premium cigars and accessories? Well then, indulge in all things El Septimo by shopping from our Lifestyle products which includes premium bags, glasswear, baseball caps and clothing. Be sure to check back here often to see the latest El Septimo products that are constantly being released that would make the perfect addition to your home and/or closet! 
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