El Septimo Vodka


El Septimo has just released its first line of luxury vodka, El Septimo Vodka, this December. After it’s successful launches of El Septimo Cognac & El Septimo Wines, the world’s largest premium cigar company is expanding its luxury spirit portfolio.

This rare vodka by El Septimo Vodka is distilled 5 times, finishing with a copper pot still distillation, and bottled in France from 100% wheat with a slow filtration process that crafts a delicate spirit that can be consumed neat or mixed.

-Imported French Vodka

-Distilled and Bottled in France

-100% French wheat

-Distilled in copper pot still (same distillation used as luxury cognac & spirits). Method far exceeds standard for making vodka. Less than 1% of vodkas are made using this method. Considered ultra-premium vodka.

-Very smooth due to slow filtration.

-Small batch & exclusive limited edition.

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